Secure Delivery

Our Secure Delivery System offers a solution to the challenges of parcel delivery in the e-commerce industry. With security being a major concern, our system ensures that deliveries are made securely and efficiently.

Our digital locking mechanism on delivery boxes ensures that the goods are secure during transit. The customer is provided with an OTP that can be used to open the delivery box upon receipt. This provides an added layer of security and traceability during last-mile delivery.

Our secure delivery system is customizable to meet the specific needs of your business. We offer solutions for various types of cargo, including high-value items and food deliveries. Our system can be installed on existing delivery boxes or bags, making it versatile and cost-effective.

At KritiLabs, we understand the importance of secure parcel delivery in the e-commerce industry. Our Secure Delivery System provides an innovative solution to address these challenges. Contact us today to learn more about our secure and efficient delivery solutions.


Multiple Smart Device Integration
The futuristic ALS platform allows you to orchestrate multiple smart devices together. It allows you to activate a device depending on the output of another device. ALS platform offers you multiple devices including electronic locks, pressure & temperature devices, flow and level measurement devices, Visual analytics & access control devices.
Integrated Customized Locking Design
ALS platform provides for customized design solutions for various type of trucks where the locks are integrated with the truck. Hence there is no necessity for extra inventory of locks to be maintained. Be it a fuel truck, dairy truck, package truck, container or tipper truck, we have the right design to secure your cargo in truck with the right device.
Continuous Tracking
ALS platform provides the option of continuous tracking of the Vehicle while it is in transit. Tracking is available through devices as well as mobile apps. The exact location of the truck is available in a map real-time.
No Physical Keys
There are no physical keys and the entire system operates with One Time Passwords (OTPs). This makes the system absolutely secure. The system has the option of entering the OTP conveniently either through the device or mobile apps.
Operational Alerts
The platform provides the option of setting up alerts for various operational parameters. The alerts can be configured for different roles. Options of SMS and Email alerts are available.
Digital Audit Trail
Audit trail capabilities which allow you to track locker uses, openings, closings and security will ensure sensitive deliveries, or restricted access to controlled substances.


Business Rules Driven
The rules engine in the ALS platform allows all your operations to be driven by the rules that you setup. You can precisely determine as to when, where and by whom your transported assets can be accessed. With ERP and IT integration, all the rules are dynamically generated and enforced real-time by the ALS platform.
Scalable Operations
ALS platform offers a completely keyless system allowing you to scale your operations easily. The access is completely through One Time Passwords (OTP) that are sent to registered mobile numbers determined by the server. There is no worry about maintaining physical keys or their duplication. With integrated locking, your truck becomes self-sufficient without the worry of keys being present at the destination.
Improved Efficiency
Achieve improved efficiency with customized operational alerts. The platform allows you to set dynamic alerts for regular operations and exceptions. Multiple alert channels including SMS & Email are available to keep you connected.
Optimised Usage
There is a digital audit trail available for every transaction thereby making the system compliant with audit requirements. Audit trails also help in identifying usage patterns and optimizing their usage.
Improved ROI
Improve the ROI of your assets with customizable reports and dashboards. With AI & ML built into the platform, the system provides precise data points for effective decision making.
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