Access Control System

Secure Transportation

Controlling the access to assets is essential for the security of any organization. In a facility that is spread over a large area, access control can be challenging and monitoring difficult. Also, there needs to be different access control mechanisms for different types of infrastructure. The ALS platform with its advanced AI algorithms and ability to operate multiple types of devices, provides the right access control management system. Be it vehicle or personnel, rules can be set for their access to specific areas. Since it has its own power back-up and network options, it can be deployed anywhere in a facility without the dependence on any infrastructure.


Rule based operations

The entire access control system is rule based. Rules can be set in for personnel as well as vehicles for access to different areas.

Multiple devices

Multiple kinds of access devices can be controlled with the system including boom-barriers, door control locks etc.

Infra Independent

The devices have the option of having their own power source and network. Hence there is no dependence on any underlying infrastructure and they can be deployed anywhere

Visual Analytics
The system provides AI based visual analytics. Hence videos can be captured and analyzed automatically and tagged for various events.


  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Compliance management
  • Cost optimization
  • Process standardization
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