Locker Management System

Locker Management System

Looking for a state-of-the-art secure storage solution that goes beyond basic electronic locking systems? KritiLabs has you covered with our advanced Locker Management System, available as part of our ALS IoT platform. Our system offers features such as assigning lockers, real-time usage data, schedule notifications, and online assignments to address your current-day needs.

With our centralized management system, fee collection and penalties can be managed seamlessly, providing added convenience to your business operations. Our digitized lock and dynamic security provide end customers with ease of use and added peace of mind.

Our E-Locking System is designed to be installed on top of any existing locker system or vault without the need for modification or alteration, making it easy to digitize your operations without worrying about major infrastructure changes. This unique design ensures a smooth transition to our advanced system while providing the highest level of security for your assets.

The Locker management application available as part of Kritilab’s ALS IoT platform is ideally suited for:

  • Banks, NBFCs, Jewellery, and any other industry handling high-value cargo where lockers are an integral part of the business operations
  • Day-use lockers for corporate offices, libraries, universities, and anywhere with shared spaces and a rotating user group
  • Package delivery centers - in apartment buildings, a corporate mail center, or a retail location with package pickup

At KritiLabs, we understand the importance of secure storage, particularly for strong rooms and other high-security areas. Our Locker Management System provides the perfect solution for businesses looking to take their storage to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our advanced locker management system and how it can benefit your business.


No Physical Keys
There are no physical keys and the entire system operates with One Time Passwords (OTPs). This makes the system absolutely secure. The system has the option of entering the OTP conveniently either through the device or mobile apps
Multiple Smart Device Integration
The futuristic ALS platform allows you to orchestrate multiple smart devices together. It allows you to activate a device depending on the output of another device. ALS platform offers you multiple devices including electronic locks, pressure & temperature devices, flow and level measurement devices, Visual analytics & access control devices.
Operational Alerts
The platform provides the option of setting up alerts for various operational parameters. The alerts can be configured for different roles. Options of SMS and Email alerts are available.
Digital Audit Trail
Audit trail capabilities which allow you to track locker uses, openings, closings and security will ensure sensitive deliveries, or restricted access to controlled substances.
Integrated Customized Locking Design
ALS platform provides for customized design solutions for various type of trucks where the locks are integrated with the truck. Hence there is no necessity for extra inventory of locks to be maintained. Be it a fuel truck, dairy truck, package truck, container or tipper truck, we have the right design to secure your cargo in truck with the right device.


Digitized Operations
All operations involving the digitized assets are stored and can be used for any information required instantly and in the future
Business Rules Driven
The rules engine in the ALS platform allows all your operations to be driven by the rules that you setup. You can precisely determine as to when, where and by whom your assets can be accessed. With ERP and IT integration, all the rules are dynamically generated and enforced real-time by the ALS platform.
No Changes to Existing Infrastructure
Assembly done to accommodate the equipment for Secure locking is done without any modification or alteration to the existing infrastructure.
Digital Audit Trail
Audit trail capabilities which allow you to track locker uses, openings, closings and security will ensure sensitive deliveries, or restricted access to controlled substances.
Scalable Operations
ALS platform offers a completely keyless system allowing you to scale your operations easily. The access is completely through One Time Passwords (OTP) that are sent to registered mobile numbers determined by the server. There is no worry about maintaining physical keys or their duplication. With integrated locking, your truck becomes self-sufficient without the worry of keys being present at the destination.
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