Challenges & risks in transporting your high value assets
across distances

In most cases, these risks can be mitigated using

Smart solutions that prevent and detect theft, pilferage & adulteration proactively

Smart devices, that seamlessly integrated with assets built during Industry 3.0

Audit trails and alerts for all deviations that occur during transportation

We can help prevent cargo theft, adulteration & pilferage by securing
your assets through

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Keyless, touch-free and always connected
solution leveraging the best of IoT, Cloud
and Edge computing


Asset secured through Geo-fencing and
automated Business rules for locking
& unlocking

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Devices built using high quality materials
and Certified by leading Industry bodies
for quality & robustness

Real time tracking

Track your assets through real-time dashboards and get alerts on deviations or incidents

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24 X 7 Tech & Customer support to
ensure continuity of mission critical operations

Powered by our patented IoT platform, our Secured Transportation solution will

Minimize pilferage

Re-engineer Process

Ensure Compliance

Anticipate incidents
Eliminate blind spots

Enforce processes
Reduce TCO

Create audit trail
Reduce exceptions

Secure the transportation of your high value assets during remote operations

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