Asset Management & Tracking System

Secure Transportation

Improving the ROI from assets is key to the success of any business. However, asset management and tracking is complex especially in a distributed business with multiple locations. Asset investment decisions and maintenance budget allocations can get difficult without tracking the utilization and maintenance of assets. Redistribution of assets to locations in need can not only provide savings in execution time but also improved bottom line through better asset utilization. The Asset Management and Tracking System from KritiLabs provides the perfect solution to track and manage the assets that are distributed across locations.


Digital Identification
There is a digital ID in every physical asset that maps with the ID provided in the Asset Management System in the cloud. Hence each asset is tagged along with the location and tracked in the system.
Usage Alerts
ALS platform provides the option of continuous tracking of the Vehicle while it is in transit. Tracking is available through devices as well as mobile apps. The exact location of the truck is available in a map real-time.
Geo Fenced Operations

The system has the option of setting up usage alerts of varying frequency for each asset. If the asset is used, then a completion alert is sent otherwise an exception alert is sent.

Reports & Dashboards

All the assets are available for viewing in a single dashboard. Reports on usage patterns and maintenance issues are readily available for reference. Location-wise asset distribution is readily available.


  • Better Asset Utilization
  • Improved ROI
  • Dashboards & MIS Reports
  • Digital Audit Trail
  • Saving in execution time
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